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Fall Protection/ Confined Space
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Price: $829.20
Description: • 3/8" diameter cable
• Maintains and controls desired tension
• Permits adjustments substantially reducing the forces on the anchorages in case of a fall
• Includes two anchorage web slings
• Web tensioner
• 100' of cable
• Impact attenuator
• 3 cable clamps

Retractables sold separately

Price: $457.70
Description: • 100' of 5/8" polyester braided black rope
• Rope tensioner
• Includes two anchorage web slings
• 2 self locking carabiners
• Includes a carrying/ storage bag
• 2 O-rings
• 2 person system for fall arrest
• Temporary reusable system

Price: $393.70 - $1,950.00
Description: Compact and lightweight design
Durable aluminum housing
High strength composite cable guide
Stainless steel and non corrosive components extend the life of the unit.
Quick-action braking system
Manufactured in the U.S.A.
Cost effective and priced competitively
Meets or exceeds all applicable industry standards including OSHA and ANSI
Comes with swivel top, carabiner and tag line
Recertification required every 2 years
Pawls: 304 Stainless Steel
Reel Body: Aircraft machined aluminum
Brake Ring: 304 Stainless Steel
Brake Body: 304 Stainless Steel
Anchorage Connection: Zinc plated alloy steel carabineer (5,000 min. tensile strength)
Snap Hook: Zinc plated alloy steel snap hook (5,000 min. tensile strength)
Housing: High strength aluminum
Cable: 3/16 galvanized cable 3,600 tensile strength
Webbing – Nylon: 25/32” wide x .095” thick
Weight: Less than 12 lbs
Capacity: 310 lbs or 400 lbs with attached shock pack
Standards: Exceeds Z359.1-2007
Max. Arresting Force: 900 lbs
Max. Arresting Distance: 42”
Average Locking Speed: 4½ ft/sec

Price: $29.90 - $53.60
Description: Ideal for positioning and restraint situations
Quickly adjusts from 4 feet to 6 feet
Available with and without shock absorber

Price: $201.80 - $227.50
Description: Fits 3.5" - 14" beams
Ratcheting end piece
Slides easily in both directions
Welding spatter does not stick to aluminum bar
No tools are needed for fast installation
Precision machined aluminum bar
One handed operation

Price: $170.60 - $196.70
Description: Fits 4.5" - 12" beam widths
Fits up to 1" thick flange
For use on top or bottom flange of an I or H beam
Will accommodate a retractable when used overhead on the bottom of a beam
Slides easily in both directions
Fits 4.5"-12" beam widths up to 1" thick flange

For use of top or bottom flange of I or H beam